e-Services FAQ


1) When is the effective date of this e-Services?

Monday, 23 May 2022.


2) What is the benefit of e-Services?

  • Convenience

  • Prompt delivery of e-notices

  • Secured and password encrypted

  • Supports the Go Green initiative


3) Is e-Service mandatory for all digital clients?



4) What if I would like to opt-out from e-Services?

Please provide CGS International with a hardcopy letter to opt-out from e-Services in no less than seven (7) working days upon receipt of our e-mail. Please note that there will be a fee imposed to clients who choose to opt out from e-Services.


5) How much will I get charged for opting out?

There will a fee of RM15 on every half yearly basis and the fee will be debited into your trading account(s) maintained with CGS International.


6) What happens if I choose not to opt-out after seven (7) working days from date of receipt of this e-mail notification?

CGS International will take your non-response as consent to e-Services.


7) Can I choose to opt-out after the effective date of receiving the e-Services e-mailer?

No. You cannot elect to opt-out from using e-Services after the seventh (7) day.


8) Can I change my e-mail address provided to CGS International earlier

Yes, you may change your e-mail address provided to CGS International.


9) How can I change my email address before the effective date of the e-Services?

You can change your e-mail address by filling out the Client Update form and submit it to your Dealer’s Representative.


10) I have changed my e-mail address. How can I update my address after the date of receipt of the e-Services e-mailer?

You can change your e-mail address via our iTrade platform under <My Profile> and <Change E-Contract Email>.


11) Can I provide more than one email addresses through iTrade?

Yes, you can provide more than one e-mail addresses. Please note that your first e-mail address provided will suffice as our form of primary contact.