How to Protect Yourself and Your Computer Online


  • Monitor your own online account regularly, review all transactions promptly and be conscious of red flags (i.e. unusual or irregular transactions).
  • Ensure that your account information such as telephone number, email address and login password are updated regularly and be alerted of any unauthorised changes.
  • Refrain from using same and common password. Use strong password with combination of mixed cases, numbers, letters and special characters.
  • Use the website address (URL) or use a bookmark to enter the online trading website, and avoid accessing the website through hyperlink embedded in e-mail, internet search engine and suspicious pop-up windows.
  • Do not disclose your User ID and Password to any person or respond to any unverified request.
  • Disable any wireless network functions not in use and choose encrypted networks when using Wi-Fi.
  • Protect your computer or mobile device by activating the auto-lock function.
  • Install reputable anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programmes and update as and when there is a new released.